Ecosoft helps HWF implementing software for Non-Profits Org

Who says Software is not useful to the organizations working for human rights? We prove it wrong. Last month, we have been busy implementing OpenERP for a non-profit organization named “Help Without Frontiers”. After all, finance is the big obstacle to any organization, profit or non-profit if not managed properly.

As part of the good citizen in Open Source community, Ecosoft is very proud to do this work for HWF at no cost. And we hope our good deeds to the back end system will helps the organization manage their financial operations more effectively and at the end benefit to the front end people who are less fortunate than us.

More about HWF:


Help without Frontiers was established as a non-profit organisation on initiative of the independent corporate consultant Benno Röggla in Bozen/ South Tyrol on the 12th of September 2002. Mainly we support refugees and people in need from and in Burma/Myanmar and in Thailand.