LDAP Authentication for OpenERP

LDAP Authentication is pretty easy. It is a well written addons and it just work out of the box. Here is how,


  • Have python-ldap library installed.
  • In OpenERP, install addons auth_ldap


  1. For Windows, the easiest way to have python-ldap is via binary file, downloaded fromwww.lfd.uci.edu/~gohlke/pythonlibs/#python-ldap
  2. For Linux, simply type in the command line, > sudo apt-get install python-ldap

OpenERP 7 Setup for LDAP

  • After install auth_ldap addon, go to Companies and add new LDAP Parameters.
  • An example shown below,


Simple Python Script to test LDAP connection

Here is the pure python code, you can simply create a .py file and execute with python on command line.

import ldap
    conn = ldap.initialize("ldap://")
    print 'Success'
except ldap.LDAPError, e:
    print e