Odoo is definitelly the most popular Open Source ERP today. Odoo is a leading edge enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) system based on open source technologies with a worldwide presence.

Odoo is a revolution in the professional ERP market because it:

  • Removes the initial cost of the software
  • Places the main emphasis on professional services and customisation
  • Gives you a solution that is tailored to your specific needs.
With over 750 modules, ranging from warehouse, HR to CRM & SRM, the Odoo solution offers a unique modularity. Odoo greatest strength lies in its advanced architecture that allows the product to be easily customised and extended.


Odoo is a modern Enterprise Management Software. It is based on OpenObject, a modular, scalable, and intuitive Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework written in Python.

OpenObject features a complete and modular toolbox for quickly building applications: integrated Object-Relationship Mapping (ORM) support, template-based Model-View-Controller (MVC) interfaces, a report generation system, automated internationalization, and much more.


Accounting & Financial Management
Document & Management
Payroll Management
Customer & Supplier Portal
Service Management
Sales Management
Warehouse Management
Project Management
Purchase Management
Manufacturing Management
Human Resources
After-Sales Services
Direct Marketing