Schedule Backup and Restore Database with contrab_config

Backup and Restore Database with ease, contrab_config is the new module developed by Ecosoft and is now freely available at (search for contrab_config).

The difference between this schedule backup addons and others is that, this addon will write a crontab scheduler to run at OS level. This can ensure that, no matter OpenERP server is running or not, the backup and restore process still works!


This module do the following,

  1. On scheduled time, backup database <DB>
  2. Restore it as <DB>_TEST
  3. Update company logo in <DB>_TEST with the new image (i.e., with TEST mark)

By default simply install this module and it should work. If you need more configuration, you might need to do more setup.

Note: crontab scheduler will be created only when State = Confirmed and Active = True

Setup Procedure

Menu -> Setting/Technical/Scheduler/Crontab Configuration


  1. Crontab Name – name of crontab
  2. Description – more information
  3. Scheduling – crontab scheduling
    • Minute: 0-59
    • Hour: 0-23
    • Day: 1-31
    • Month: 1-12
    • Weekday: 0-6, where 0 = Sunday
  4. Execute Directory – OpenERP’s root path to be used for log file, Temp File, DB Backup File and etc (depends on type of program)
  5. Command – command to run the program in command line interface pattern, require full path.
  6. Active – when True, will create crontab scheduler in OS. When False will delete it.
  7. Status
    • Draft
    • Confirmed
    • Cancelled
  8. Attach File – Additional files, to be used in process (optional)