Coding Tips (OpenERP / Python)

Solving problem inheriting stock.picking.out

Normally, we would want to either inherit stock.picking.out directly or inherit from stock.picking and hoping it will propagate fetures to stock.picking.out.

But there seem to be a framework bug regarding this issue here

In short, the workaround is to inherit fields from stock.picking first, and then do it repeat it again in stock.picking.out.

Code sample from addons/delivery/

# Overloaded stock_picking to manage carriers :
class stock_picking(osv.osv):
    _inherit = 'stock.picking'

    def _cal_weight(self, cr, uid, ids, name, args, context=None):
        res = {}
        # Code goes here
        return res

    _columns = {


# Redefinition of the new fields in order to update the model stock.picking.out in the orm
# FIXME: this is a temporary workaround because of a framework bug (ref: lp996816). It should be removed as soon as
#        the bug is fixed
class stock_picking_out(osv.osv):
    _inherit = 'stock.picking.out'

    def _cal_weight(self, cr, uid, ids, name, args, context=None):
        return self.pool.get('stock.picking')._cal_weight(cr, uid, ids, name, args, context=context)

    _columns = {

Dynamic Domain Filter

Domain filter is available both in Object and View layer. But sometime it is not dynamic enough. Here is a tip.

For exmample, on_change event of product field we want to filter partner list with some complex function. While domain do not support using function we can eject domain forcefully when writing on_change method.

def onchange_product_id()

        # Dynamic domain filter for partner_id
        dom = {'partner_id':  [('id', 'in', get_product_supplier_list(cr, uid, product_id))]}

        return res

While get_product_supplier_list() is the function that return ids.