Multi-Supplier Purchase Requisitions

One problem about existing PR module of OpenERP is that, it is too simple and in most case does not enough for real life business. Standard PR allow user to select only 1 supplier per creation of the purchase quotation.

Ecosoft has developed a new extension to PR module which will make it more flexible and easy to use and is now freely available at (search for purchase_requisition_multi_supplier).

Here is how the standard OpenERP’s PR works,

  1. User fill in PR with required products
  2. Click [Request a Quotation] button and select supplier
  3. Quotation created to this supplier with all product lines from PR
  4. Repeat the steps to create more quotations for other suppliers, add or remove products each time if not exact same products to issue for next supplier



As you can see, this is a bit cumbersome, given that a PR request from 1 user can consist of many product of which might be valid only to some supplier. And that, user might not know that from when they request for products.

To make it more flexible, the new addon allow user (and/or purchase manager) to select multiple suppliers in each line of products, also with the option to group, split, overwrite supplier. Clicking [Request a Quotation] button will create multiple purchase quotations each with valid supplier in one go.

Here is how the Multi-Supplier PR works,

  1. User fill in PR with required products
  2. User / Purchase Manager, who knows supplier to source for product select 1 or multiple suppliers in each product line.
  3. User can first select only the product line to make quotation then click [Request a Quotation], the wizard show options to,
    • Grouping: to group product with same supplier to the same quotation, otherwise will split one by one
    • Overwrite Supplier: to not use the supplier in product line, but rightly select from here (same as standard)
  4. Multiple quotations created to appropriate suppliers with all product lines being specified, in one go!